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Kindergarten, Schoolage & TASC


The Kindergarten & Schoolage program at KOCO supplements your child’s school day. Children can start their day at KOCO and take the Memorial/Center School Bus directly to and from KOCO. The ratio of students to teachers in our Kindergarten and Schoolage program is 10:1.

TASC is The After School Club, which focuses on homework and study skills. Older students at the main facility (3rd and 4th graders) can attend KOCO TASC in room 101. Center and Middle School students can attend EHMS TASC at the middle school.


After their school day, your children can take the bus to KOCO where the team of experienced and enthusiastic staff will be waiting for them.


Upon arrival children are given the opportunity to unwind from their busy day and enjoy snacks brought from home. Then the fun begins!



Staff provides a variety of enrichment activities and programs. There is plenty of time spent outdoors playing structured games as well as free play. Weekly lesson plans are created and implemented to encourage and foster academics as well as social skills and cooperative learning.



If your child is enrolled in the Kindergarten Schoolage program at KOCO, you have the convenience of your child continuing a program that follows the public school calendar. Your child can attend KOCO during school vacations, snow days, and early dismissals.

"They focus first and foremost on the children and their needs, not on generating a profit." KOCO Parent



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