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What makes KOCO the best place to send my child?  

KOCO has been in business since 1988, employs certified teachers, and provides a thoughtful curriculum for each age group. Staff is continually educated in pertinent Early Childhood Education topics. We strive to offer programs that enrich the lives of the children we are privileged to know. For lots more on what makes us so special, see The KOCO Difference.


Who is allowed to pick up my child from KOCO?  

Only those individuals listed on enrollment forms can pick up your child.  If someone else is picking up, an Alternate Pickup Form must be filled out in advance (however, we will accept verbal permission in the case of an emergency).


How will I know if KOCO will be closed?  

Information will be posted on our website,, on our Facebook page, and on local TV stations.


Can my child come part time? 

Yes, KOCO offers part time schedules to meet the needs of our families.


Can my part time days vary each week? 

For staffing purposes, children must attend the same days each week.


If my child misses a day at KOCO, is my full tuition still due? 

Rather than prorating missed days, KOCO offers families 2 weeks of vacation waiver per calendar year.


Can school age children attend KOCO on days off from school? 

Yes, we offer activities and special events at KOCO when school is not in session. Children may come to KOCO on snow days, days off, and school vacations.


Does KOCO offer a summer program for school aged children? 

Yes, KOCO is open 52 weeks per year, and offers a summer camp for children entering Kindergarten through 7th grade. We go on field trips, have special visitors, participate in clubs, and make unforgettable summer memories.


Does KOCO provide snacks? 

Due to the large number of food allergies, we do not offer snacks. 


Can tuition be paid online? 

KOCO is able to accept online payments via Zelle. Many people set up automatic check payments through their banks.


If my child is not signed up for before school care, can s/he come in for late openings? 

Due to bus seating charts, children may not attend on late opening days unless normally signed up to take the bus from KOCO.


Can my child bring toys from home?  

Unless specified by your child’s teacher, please do not bring toys or items from home.


Are there opportunities for parents to volunteer? 

YES!  KOCO is a not-for-profit overseen by a volunteer parent Board of Directors. Board meetings are held quarterly and the Board assists the Director in setting policies. Parents can also help with fundraising and in their child’s classrooms.



“KOCO is different because of the staff.  From the administrators in the office to all of the teachers, part-time and full-time. The staff is caring and responsible and they take their jobs very seriously.”  KOCO Parent

“My kids have learned so much at KOCO. In addition to basics such as following directions, showing respect for others, taking turns, cooperation and courtesy, the interesting, educational and fun themes, topics and activities have helped expose them to ideas and experiences that I might not have been able to on my own.”  KOCO Parent

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