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KOCO has been a fixture in town since 1988. For over a quarter of a century, we have helped to raise a generation of East Hampton's children. Many of those kids have returned to KOCO as staff members. Most of our staff live in town; many have taught at KOCO for over 5 years, some for over 10 years. The East Hampton Public Library, Memorial & Center Schools, Airline Trail, Sears Park, Old Home Days -- these aren't just words on a map or a street sign to us. We shop where you shop, our children go to the same schools as your children. We know your children's cousins, babysitters, pets, math teachers. 

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KOCO began in 1988 as Kids of Chatham Organization, Inc., the area's only not-for-profit child care center. We are not a chain daycare. Our own parents serve on our volunteer Board of Directors. Our rates are reasonable, and all profits are cycled back into our programs. As an independent company, we have the flexibility to work interactively with our students and their families, whether on scheduling, payments, curriculum, or special physical, medical or educational needs. KOCO has and continues to provide accomodations for children with unique circumstances: Down's Syndrome, insulin pumps, in DCF custody, among others.

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We pride ourselves on finding the appropriate fit for each child at KOCO. Our teachers and administrators will partner with you to maximize your child's daily experience at our center. When other daycares "give up" on a child, KOCO goes the extra mile to ensure that child's success. Parents are welcome to visit KOCO at any time, and there are many opportunities for parents to volunteer. We view our role as a support to quality family time, not as a substitute to quality family time.

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We've all heard the adage that it takes a village to raise a child. KOCO is part of a vital network of local and regional early childhood professionals. A large part of our mandate is seeking out appropriate resources for students and families in need. We make frequent use of our dynamic in-house Health and Educational Consultants. KOCO is an integral part of the East Hampton Early Childhood Council. We are in close touch with the local public library and school system, and have contacts within the following agencies: Birth-to-3, Department of Children & Families, CT Office of Early Childhood, Care-4-Kids, YPCCA, East Hampton Parks & Recreation, University of Connecticut, Wesleyan University, Early Childhood Consultation Partnership.



As an "indie" child care center, we excel at spontaneity and emergent curriculum. Our investigations-style curriculum is relevant, authentic and intentional. We adapt our class-generated learning experience webs to the changing interests and needs of our students. Our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds: education, the arts, social work, business. While CT-ELDS, NAEYC and ERS Standards underpin KOCO's curriculum, our teachers are encouraged -- trained, even -- to go beyond "canned" or "cookie-cutter" lessons. In our view, a key aspect of good teaching is knowing when to toss out the lesson plan.

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Our Visiting Curriculum is a blend of regular in-house programs (Second Step Social-Emotional Curriculum, Signing Time ASL, Muzzy Spanish, Story Kitchen, Children's Happy Notes) and outside visitors (community helpers, enrichment programs, etc.).

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ELM Curriculum, Get Set for School Curriculum, Investigations Curriculum are used in combination.  ELM is the Early Learning Matters Curriculum designed by Purdue University for Birth-Five. Get Set For School is the prequel to Handwriting Without Tears, which is used in all local Kindergarten programs. Topics for early childhood investigations are ideally quite simple; recent investigations topics have included Hands, Apples, Balls, and Shoes. For more information, visit ECSU Center for Early Childhood's "Investigations" page.

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