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KOCO SUMMER CAMP: Rooms 101-103

Summer Camp: For children entering Kindergarten and above


All programs at KOCO remain in full session during the summer months.


Enthusiastic, experienced staff remains in the classrooms during the summer. If your child is already attending KOCO, the schedule will remain the same for the summer. If space is available after priority enrollment, KOCO will also offer Summer Camp for children that do not attend during the school year.


Summer Camp at KOCO is a very exciting interactive experience. Children are given plenty of time outdoors with a balance between structured activities and sports as well as free play.


Pack a Suitcase, Build it Up, Home for the Holidays, Play Ball, Big Game Safari, It's Fantastic!, Long Ago & Far Away, Full STEAM Ahead, No Theme Week, and Best of the Best



KOCO has some awesome field trips planned: Sears Park, Bluff Point, and Kick Back 'n' Bowl!

Our visitors include Studio 13, Abrakadoodle, Nappy's Puppets, and Michael's Magic Show. Carnival Party will provide a themed weekly outdoor event or two for the children to enjoy!

Kids participate in many enrichment activities at KOCO, including theme days (Messy Day, Summer Reading Club, Water Activities, Bike Rodeo, Opposite Day, special lunches, Pet Day and Electronics Day). 

"I like that KOCO is run like a camp in the summer with weekly themes, different visitors, and fun field trips and activities for the kids.  My kids look forward to being there each day."  KOCO Parent

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