Under Three: 8 Weeks - 3 Years
Rooms 107-111


The Under Three programs at KOCO maintain a staff ratio of 4 children to each staff member, with a maximum of 8 children and 2 staff members in each of its classrooms.


INFANT CARE (room 111)

Infants can enter KOCO’s Under Three program as early as 8 weeks of age. They can continue attending the program until they reach the Toddler Room, which will prepare them for the transition to preschool. Infants are given individualized loving care from dedicated staff members.


WADDLER CARE (rooms 110, 109)

Around the age of 1, children graduate into the Waddler Room, where they are provided opportunities for continued growth and development. The big job for Waddlers is becoming steady on their feet. They are busy acquiring language skills, feeding themselves, and learning to function within a group.


TODDLER CARE (rooms 108, 107)

As your child transitions into the Toddler Room, age appropriate activities will encourage growth and development. Weekly lesson plans support the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards.



The Under Three programs at KOCO encourage play-based learning. The dedicated staff encourages social interaction among the children in small and large groups.


Children are given plenty of time outdoors participating in structured activities as well as supervised free play! Certified KOCO staff members teach all classroom enrichment programs.

"While KOCO has policies to follow, there is flexibility in the way the center is run. I don't feel like I am a number, or that my kids are just a number. We are treated with respect and as unique individuals with different needs, views and preferences."  KOCO Parent